I firmly believe that this batch will shake the world, testified by a trainee ministering to the Aetas as one local Aeta was healed and has started attending the church after being prayed for during the training.

With a unique set of trainees, the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) has equipped another 23 cross-cultural workers to strengthen the mission force. This six-week in-house Specialized Missionary Training Program (SMTP) is truly a historical event for ACM. Not only that it’s the first SMTP to happen in Luzon, but it trained foreign nationals as well.

With diverse personalities and cultures as they come from different regions, these trainees are strongly congruent in their desire to preach the Gospel to the nations where Jesus’ name has not yet been heard.

As their hearts continue to break for the remaining lost, these trained missionaries have accepted the challenge to level up their current cross-cultural ministries while others are determined to step up in faith, allowing God to fulfill His distinct call in their lives.

These ACM-trained missionaries will be deployed to 9 different countries which are home to the unreached people groups.

In the culmination held last November 29 at the Evangelical Christian Church in Pampanga, ACM Philippine Director Danny Bayasen spoke about the essential roles of the church and support network in sending missionaries.

Inspired by William Carey, the “Father of Modern Missions”, he stressed that as missionaries are willing to go down or reach the nations, a sending church must “NEVER LET GO OF THE ROPE.” He expounded the message by using the word ROPE as an acronym that we should never let go of (R)esolve (O)pportunity (P)artnership (E)mpowerment.

The missionaries with their family and church members held the rope together as a symbol of commitment that they will never let go of the rope whatever it takes. Then, a prayer for commissioning was uttered to bless the missionaries.

The major host and partners in Pampanga who were instrumental in making this training possible were also recognized for their faithful giving and support. Truly, God is assembling His people to accomplish His global agenda for the world. Some of the guests were Ptr. Marco Lazatin, Ptr. Albert and Leslie Cruz, Ptr. Jestrel Alvarado, and Ptr. Bong Palacio.

This first SMTP-Luzon was conducted from October 21 to November 28, 2019, at God’s Helping and Healing Hands Ministries, Inc. (GHHMI) Center in Floridablanca, Pampanga, our ministry partner.

Do you want to be part of God’s growing mission force and reach more people for Jesus? Join ACM’s upcoming training in 2020! Consider praying about the Missionary Training Program or supporting ACM’s initiatives through giving.

For more info, please visit www.acmnet.org. God bless you!


By JM Bautista, Communications Staff, Asian Center for Missions