“I can see that it’s Kairos “opportune” time for harvest in Mindanao. The people are suffering. The people are seeking. They need Isa Al Masih as Lord and Savior. Mindanao is for the Lord. All tribes belong to the Lord.”, declares Pastor Rodolfo, a pastor, and mobilizer in the southern Philippines.

He believes that the absence of peace in Mindanao is due to spiritual deprivation. For him, the Marawi siege in 2017 is one of its evident manifestations that have disrupted thousands of lives until today.

Recent misfortunes are perceived by Christian laborers as opportunities to penetrate Mindanao with the Gospel. God manifests His sovereignty in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty to redeem all peoples unto Himself. This good news is infinitely victorious to conquer all circumstances and to break spiritual strongholds.

“I strongly believe that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the key for peace in Mindanao. For this Gospel is the Gospel of peace. When people hear the message of God and believe in Isa Al Masih, they will be free from the bondage of sins. They will receive peace in their hearts.” Pastor Rodolfo said.  “Only then will there be a genuine transformation in their lives and in the communities,” he added.

Sowing the seeds on the harvest field

As a street evangelist, Pastor Rodolfo maximizes every encounter with the people to share the love of God. His ministry reaches the tribes of Maguindanao, Maranao, and Badjao. His mission is to sow the seed – the Gospel to raise up leaders, preachers, and men of peace from every tribe in this region and challenge them to reach and serve their own respective tribes.

From this ministry, many have already known, accepted, and followed Jesus. Though many do not openly profess their faith because they shy away from persecution, he envisions that in the period of seven years, God will create breakthroughs. “When that period comes, we will be ready to enter the villages. Churches will rise in every community. The Prince of Peace will reign.” he said.

Pastor Rodolfo and his wife were recipients of the Specialized Missionary Training Program (SMTP) in Southern Mindanao. They shared how the training brought a powerful and growing passion in their hearts to seek the lost among the nations. Provided with a holistic and relevant approach, empowered by the Holy Spirit, they are excited to continue their ministry and see many people come to faith and be saved all for the glory of God.

The nations as our inheritance

“When we have seen the challenges of the ministry calling that was laid before us, we decided not to have children. The Lord spoke to me and lead me to Psalm 2:8, ‘Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.’ This is the promise of God that we’ve been holding onto as we go to the villages.”

Today, Pastor Rodolfo is more passionate about completing his task. He envisions a movement and the rise of bold and fearless leaders. Furthermore, once this task is done, Pastor Rodolfo and his wife desire to go beyond the borders of the Philippines to share the love of Jesus with the nations.

“It’s a great and glorious privilege to serve the living God in this end time.” he ended the interview. 

By JM Bautista, Communications Staff, Asian Center for Missions

*Rodolfo is not his real name. Pseudo name is used for security purposes.