The annual Water Festival, Songkran, marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. The government usually gives extended holidays in the country during this time. This break allows for many to plan a needed getaway. Our ACM Missionaries serving in South East Asia took advantage of this break by organizing an annual retreat for ACM-trained missionaries and their friends.

A total of 52 workers serving in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, the Middle East, Cambodia, Africa, North & South Thailand, and the Philippines came together for the Missionary Retreat and Conference held at Krabi, Thailand. The retreat was named “A Vessel for the Master”.

A joint force with Dr. Meg Alag with Heart Streams International, Dr. Paul Ignacio with HIS1040, and our very own ACM Philippine Director, Pastor Danny Bayasen, and his wife Ruby served as keynote speakers during the 3-day conference.



A variety of activities were offered to the field workers during the retreat. There were teachings, workshops, devotions, debriefing, testimonies, and of course a whole day of fun and swimming in the beautifully, nature-landscaped island of Krabi.

It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of several field workers who are serving the Lord among the unreached for years. What an opportunity to be able to have an inside look at the ministries of these faithful workers who are toiling hard for the spread of the Gospel.

The conference also recognized the 14 missionaries who have been in the frontline for more than 10 years. Each was given a special “Service Award” for their faithfulness and commitment to the ministry.



The missionaries went home recharged with a renewed vision to reach the LRP’s. Some were challenged to re-evaluate their ministries and be aligned to ACM’s vision and mission, which is LRP focused.


A taste of home makes the weary and homesick heart joyful. We praise God for all those who generously gave treats and gifts for the missionaries. The simple joy of seeing Boy Bawang, Sky Flakes, Choco Nut, Sinigang Mixes, and other Filipino treats brought smiles and excitement in the room as Pastor Dan opened his suitcase.

We praise God for all that He has done during this 3-day retreat and conference. We praise God for the opportunity to bless the missionaries. We praise God for the lives of our missionaries who are selflessly serving in the field. Most of all, we praise God for the privilege of being able to partake in this ministry of winning souls for our King.